Company Profile

lucien&hanna since 2008

Original Design Concept

We are a full service bag manufacturing company based in China that offer baby products, diaper bags, mammy bags, kids bags, back to school bag, lunch bag, business backpack, laptop bags, sleeves, sports bags and cooler bags and more. Our headquarter located in Xiamen and the manufactory located in Quanzhou city. We have BSCI, DISNEY, SEDEX certification. We offer our best service included the quality control, price, timing delivery, new development and effective communication, we have a lot of clients from all over the world, mostly from USA, GERMANY, UK, POLAND and FRANCE.

We focus on creating a superior quality innovative design for you that will highlight your product's benefits, we know that choosing right products is an extremely important step for your business, it tells your customers why your product and brand are different and unique. Our specialists can help in creating the unique look and innovative idea that fits your brand. It should clearly communicate a purpose what your brand and product stand for, what's your marketing request and what it means for your customers.

We will be your best choice and reliable supplier from China.

Brand Story

On Lucien & Hanna-- Our slogan is "BAGS LIKE BABY" which means we make bags like you take care of your baby in heart. Lucien & Hanna is a new brand focusing on family products, ranging from those of health care, healthy growth and healthy accompany. The design of the new brand is 100 percent original, every details of which embodying the combination of aesthetic appearance and pragmatic use. Boasting high quality material, top-notch craftsmanship, exquisite details and remarkable durability, Lucien & Hanna will definitely stun consumers from home and abroad.

The brand story about Lucien & Hanna is all for happy process of children's healthy growth. When we were born, our parents gave us as much tender care as possible. When we grow up and become parents, not surprisingly, we would see to it that our kids are growing up with our healthy accompany. Love is the source of everything in the world. Love makes the Earth go around.

Our Team

Andy Zheng


Specialize in the marketing research and analysis and professional customer service, focus on the new design concept and quality product. we sell the problem we solve, but not only the product.

Contact: 13860120847

E-mail: andyz@flyoneltd.com

Lucy Lin


Specialize in mammy bag, diaper backpack, kids backpack design 5 more patent product each year.

Specialize in mammy bag, diaper backpack, kids backpack design;According to each quarterly commodity enterprise case, develop products suitable for the company's brand suspension and market demand;skilled operation of PS and AI drawing software;5 more patent product each year;


We are more professional, more proactive and more different.

Marketing development team

Customer Service team

R&D design team

Production merchandiser team

Our Factory and Production line

Our factory was located in Quanzhou bags industry, with more than 15 years bags production experience, the factory has got BSCI and Sedex certificate each year, we focus on high quality standard product with AQL2.5 standard, we advocated and follow with global recycled standard material for our production. we all work hard for the green environmental-friendly product in the future.

Our factory have 10 professional production line, with more than 200 workers, the monthly capacity is more than 200,000pcs bag, included the backpack, diaper bag, travel bag and sports bag. we offer the professional production process to all our clients, from the material inspection and control, material cutting process, sewing process, online inspection, clean and packing process, final inspection, loading the container, each process with high standard control. And got the high reputation from the clients from all over the world.

Our Service

Professional Quotation offer

Clients sent inquiry with detailed spec, it can based on photo, drawing or sample

We make the professional cost calculation through the material analysis and workmanship study, and offer the reasonable and competitive price

Quality control

We have our own quality control system. named "Flyone 13/2.5 system"

1 means 1 pre production training meeting before production

3 means 3 times inspection during the production process, Material inspect, on line inspect and final production inspection
2.5 means AQL 2.5 standard

Delivery control

60 days lead time for normal order
30 days lead time for fast order

R&D design offer

Clients sent inquiryDrawing, sketch design
Qriginal product design
Packaging design
Sample development

Efficient communication

Reply in 24 hours
We sell the problem we solve, but not only product