Tips for Buying Picnic Bags

1. The inner structure should be purchased according to the items that are placed outside daily. If it is a regular item such as a crisper, a hard picnic bag can be used to ensure the stability of the built-in. If it is a food bag packaged item, you can choose a soft bag, which can make use of the storage space as much as possible. If it is an incompressible and fragile item, you should choose a handbag, which can prevent collision and is more stable.

2. Picnic bags can also be used daily, such as office workers, so you can choose bags with built-in objects that are used alone.

3. Smell: There should be no pungent smells such as plastic and kerosene, which can easily affect food and thus affect your health.

4. Material: It should be food-grade environmental protection material, anti-ultraviolet, not easy to change color, which can ensure the freshness of food.

5. Textile fabric strength: 1000D is the most waterproof and wear-resistant. (Daniel (D) is a parameter that reflects the strength of the fabric, D represents the thickness of the yarn count, and the larger the D number, the thicker and more wear-resistant the yarn used.)

6. Appearance: The surface should be smooth, clean, with clear texture, no hook lines, damage, and no scratches on the plastic material.

7. Workmanship: step on the thread regularly, straight, without breakage, neat sutures, firm corners and seams, no crooked lines, missing seams, jumpers, floating lines, double needle eyes, etc.; Damaged, hot melt seamless bonding technology, long holding time.

8. Zipper/snap button: The zipper is sewn straight, and the seam edge is free of wrinkles and waves; it is easy to use and smooth, without sticking, and the sound is fine and smooth; the zipper teeth are arranged in the same size. The snaps are securely fastened, and the shrapnel is tight.

9. Carrying parts: the sewing is firm and comfortable; the metal parts are thick, firm and free of burrs.

10. Marking: including the certificate of conformity and permanent mark, no damage is required, and the marked content is clearly printed. Certificate information: trademark brand, size, price, ingredients, washing water mark, bearing weight, product grade, implementation standard, factory address, after-sales contact method, etc.

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Post time: Jun-09-2022