What Material to Choose for The Trolley Case?

The trolley case has now become a must-have in life, whether it is travel, business trip, school or going abroad, etc., it is inseparable from the trolley case. In addition to paying attention to the style and price, the choice of material is also particularly important, which can directly determine how long it can be used. Now the common materials on the market are pc, abs+pc, pu and aluminum-magnesium alloy, etc., so what kind of trolley case is better?

Trolley case material classification:
The first: pc material
The second: abs+pc material
The third type: abs material
The fourth: pu material
The fifth: Aluminum-magnesium alloy material

The trolley case is mainly divided into the above five materials, so what is their quality and what is the difference?

①PC Material

PC is a tough thermoplastic resin, which is mainly characterized by light weight, strong flexibility, high elasticity, heat resistance and transparency. The trolley case of the same size, pc is much lighter than abs, etc.; it is resistant to falling and wear, and has strong compression resistance. It is no problem for an adult to stand on it. It is the strongest trolley case; it can withstand temperatures from -40° to 130°C. °; Transparency up to 90%, can be dyed at will, fashionable and beautiful. The disadvantage is that the cost is very high.

②ABS Plastic

ABS is a relatively popular material recently, and its main features are light weight, flexibility, and strong crack resistance. This material seems fragile, but the actual flexibility and hardness are beyond your imagination, but it is slightly worse than that of PC, so usually the trolley case made of this material will be thicker than that of PC, and it is easier to clean. The disadvantage is that it is prone to scratches, so use it carefully.

③PU Material

PU is a kind of artificial leather, the main advantages are long service life, good oil resistance and waterproof. This material looks very similar to the cowhide material, looks high-end, and is easier to take care of, and the price is lower. The disadvantage is that it is not wear-resistant and not strong enough.

④Canvas Material

Canvas is a thicker cotton and linen fabric. The main advantages are strong and durable, good waterproof performance and firm hand. The fabric is stronger, less prone to wear, thicker to the touch, and waterproof. The disadvantage is that it is not breathable, and it will feel old after using it for a long time.​​

⑤Magnesium Alloy

Magnesium-aluminum alloy is a metal material, and its advantages are moisture-proof, shock-proof, flame-proof, sealed, anti-oxidation and firm. This kind of metal material is a high-end trolley case. Although it is metal, it is light and impact-resistant. It can protect valuables, such as laptops, etc. It will not be deformed by extrusion and has good bearing capacity. The disadvantage is that it will be deformed if it is subjected to a large impact, and it is not easy to repair.

Now everyone knows what material is better for the trolley case? However, the use of the trolley case also depends on your purpose. If the first and second types of travel are more suitable, the student party recommends the first, second, and fourth types, and the third and fifth types for business trips. I hope that you can choose the most suitable trolley case according to your own situation.

Post time: Aug-05-2022