Buying Tips for Outdoor Cooler Bags

1. Check the fabric of the outdoor cooler bag for damage. Please do not buy if defective.

2. The specifications and functions do not meet your needs, please do not buy.

3. You can drop water on the surface of the fabric to see if it penetrates to test the waterproof effect.

4. Check the accessories carefully: the plastic-steel parts feel better, have high hardness, and have a relatively loud and brittle sound.

5. Check the workmanship. Don’t buy it if there are leaks, etc.

First of all, when choosing an outdoor cooler bag, you must choose an cooler bag with good cooling performance to prevent the ice cubes from melting.

Secondly, when choosing an outdoor cooler bag, be sure to choose a scratch-resistant, anti-rubbing outdoor cooler bag; avoid being scratched or worn out when walking outdoors.

Finally, when choosing an outdoor cooler bag, be sure to choose a tear-proof outdoor cooler bag; avoid excessive tearing during use, or when the body shakes during walking, the body of the bag cannot withstand the contents of the bag. The weight causes tearing, etc.


Post time: Jul-22-2022