Several Tips for Bag Matching

This type of bag is more suitable for office workers, and the colors are mostly black, coffee, white monochrome or dark plaid. Considering that white-collar workers need to wear formal clothes when working, and the colors of the clothes are mostly dark colors such as black, white, and coffee, the selected bags should have a distinct style in style and details, such as tassel, rivets, metal chains, and inlays. Details such as decoration can add highlights to a dull color.

This kind of bag is more casual, mainly messenger, backpack, and one shoulder. It is most suitable for shopping and outings. Such bags are generally larger in size and have sufficient capacity, and the fabrics are mostly canvas and denim. And this type of bag is very suitable for DIY. Girls who like to decorate badges and pendants on their bags can display their matching talents to the fullest.

There are relatively few opportunities for this bag to be used, and it is generally suitable for banquets, dances, weddings and other occasions. In the choice of fabrics, you can choose gorgeous and shiny materials such as satin and sequins. The styles are mainly handbags and handbags.

This type of bag is loved by the majority of girls. This bag is novel in style, cute in style, and different in fabrics, which can be selected by the majority of girls. This bag is suitable for girls who are lively, cute, outgoing and open. This type of bag is suitable for use in spring, summer, autumn and winter, and does not need to be assembled with any ornaments, the bag itself is cute enough.


Post time: Aug-26-2022